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Click Fashion is a recognized brand in the fashion industry, which for more than 18 years cares about elegance and comfort customers. When such a big company comes to your agency, then you know that it will be a big challenge for you and your employees. A big challenge, but also a huge satisfaction! Click Fashion project included the implementation of an expanded e-commerce B2B and B2c platform on PrestaShop. Click Fashion activity is synonymous with attention to the needs and expectations of customers. Polish clothing manufacturer is characterized by high quality and diversity of created clothes collection. Their collections can be found in the company's showrooms, multi-brand partners boutiques and of online store!

prestashop wdrożenie sklepu odzieżowego
realizacja sklepu internetowego fashion

Online Store - the company's image and competitive advantage

The aim of the cooperation with Click Fashion was to create an online store, which would become the company's competitive advantage in a challenging market and give the platform a modern, friendly character. Achieving these goals required us to work on several levels. Our cooperation began with a workshop with the client, competitive analysis and UX researches, which led us to the creation of key customers presona and to develop maps and wireframes of the e-shop. The next step was to prepare a graphic design for e-commerce, taking into account the nature of the brand and the industry in which it operates. Finally, we migrated e-store from Magento to PrestaShop platform and we took constant care of IT and hosting for these e-commerce.

prestashop e-sklep fashion b2c i b2b

UX research and analysis in the service of the effectiveness of e-commerce

By joining the project, we started from the multi-stage research related to customer requirements, competition and e-shop users behavior analysis (both individual and business). By conducting workshops with the client we received information about the Click Fashion strengths and weaknesses Click and expectations/requirements associated with e-shop in B2B/B2C version.Then we proceeded to UX research. At this stage, we used the tool Usability Tools with a shared Cint user base. Another part of the work was to create a map/mock-ups of the e-store and accession to the graphic design. UX works were far more extensive than in most of our projects because the implementation concerned two versions of e-commerce - B2B and B2C. We had to take into account the characteristics of the behavior of individual and business consumers.

Click Fashion platform for individual clients

In the B2C store is worth noting the extensive product card, which is characterized by high usability, readability of information, and also tends to increase the value of the order. In this part of the e-store, it is worth paying attention to:

  1. floating description of the product, which - while scrolling - remains in visible for the customer's part of the e-commerce
  2. description of the product with the size of the model and presented clothes
  3. shown product composition, size table and thumbnails of the available color versions
  4. information about the availability and the last piece of the product
  5. the transition from the product card directly to set recommended by Click Fashion stylists

In addition, the store is equipped with stylish and - primarily - functional search engine which presents in real-time associated products to written keyword. Additional elements are - Click Fashion lookbook providing inspiration to clients and showcase store category in the form of tiles. All these components create a modern, elegant and user-friendly e-shop with high quality clothing for women.

wdrożenie sklepu internetowego prestashop click fashion
profesjonalna platforma b2b i b2c click fashion

Online shop for business customers (B2B)

Even more functionality to facilitate the use, has been envisaged in the B2B version of the Click Fashion e-commerce platform. B2B online shop, supporting companies stores and cooperating boutiques was equipped with:

  1. loyalty system (automatic definition of discount thresholds, notifying the client about reaching the threshold, assigning a fixed discount to certain customers)
  2. dropshipping system allows ordering goods directly to the recipient
  3. marketing materials and price lists available to business partners when they log on to the platform
  4. orders generator in PDF format

...and many other facilities offered by the Click Fashion B2B platform.

zaawansowane funkcje prestashop

Comprehensive implementation of functional e-shop

The whole B2C and B2B online store has been integrated with the warehouse and accounting system Retilia and implemented on the platform PrestaShop 1.6. Our work included UX research, creating mapps and wireframes, graphic design and implementation of the whole platform. The e-shop is under our constant care of IT and hosting service optimized for shops operating on PrestaShop. See online

Our work in three words

Elegant e-commerce platform