MamutPro is a brand which is not interested in mediocrity. Distributor of nutrients and supplements for athletes aims at the highest goals. We decided to help them achieve success in development by implementing a new advanced eCommerce. Businessmen from the sports industry know that it is very competitive. We knew that we had to use all of our skills to satisfy the client, which was an energetic challenge for us. The result of intense work is a modern eCommerce platform full of solutions that improve conversion and increase sales.

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Online store like your favorite gym

The main goal of the project was to create a user-friendly and effective e-store. The MamutPro store stand out by its unique design, usability, conversion support and customer loyalty solutions. The user in the e-store has to feel like at favorite gym, where he can always count on recommendations, help and support. Our project began with requirements gathering workshops with the client and in-depth analysis of competition and the business environment. On this basis, we have prepared proto-persons and went on to analyze users' behavior. We used for this purpose the existing data obtained from Google Analytics and heat maps, click maps plus visitor recordings provided by the HotJar tool.

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Project focused on usability and efficiency

On the basis of the collected information, we went on to create an e-commerce information architecture and online store map. The next step was the preparation of detailed e-shop mock-ups and graphic design taking into account insights from the analyzes. The online store is equipped with a lot of functionalities, which are responsible for increasing the value of the customer's cart, eCommerce conversion, maintaining loyalty and intuitive navigation in the e-store. In addition, the store attracts attention with its energetic, modern design, corresponding to the sports industry.

Dedicated functionalities

The first function that makes finding the right supplement easier is the various categorizing of products. You can reach them by choosing the manufacturer, the type of product or the goal that you intend to achieve thanks to them (eg improve endurance, strength or burn body fat). The second interesting solution is the possibility to choose the taste of the nutrient from the first product view on the main page of the category page. In addition, we implemented efficient and the cross-selling module on the product card. The homepage is equipped with the function of presenting time promotions taking into account the remaining and already sold products and the clock counting down the time until the end of the promotion. E-store has an extensive shopping cart, which by displaying products with a value missing for free delivery, encourages the customer to enlarge the order.

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Product card

The product card is one of the key elements of the MamutPro online store. Here the battle for the final conversion of eCommerce takes place. For this reason, we have equipped this part of the e-store with many solutions that are supposed to dispel any doubts of the customer, convince him of the rightness of choice and make them buy as soon as possible. Each product is equipped with a description, a table with a highlighted frame of the selected ingredient and an animated chart of nutritional values. In addition, we equipped the product card with the "knowledge base" tab, in which the user will find expanded information on nutrient ingredients and customer reviews. Another interesting feature is the cross-selling module showing products reviewed by people who previously purchased a given conditioner.


Customers of the MamutPro online store can also use the loyalty program. 10% of the value of each of their orders is converted into points that can be used during subsequent purchases in the e-store. In the "multipack" section, customers can obtain a larger number of selected products for which a special discount is charged. The larger quantity of a given product is in the basket, the greater discount the customer receives.

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Implementation of the PrestaShop

The MamutPro online store project is an individual implementation of WAYNET based on the PrestaShop platform. Our goal was to implement a competitive eCommerce that not only meets the MamutPro requirements, but also meets the needs of all potential customers. Attractive, original design is responsible for a good first impression, individual functional elements and promotional systems lead the customer to fulfill the order, and the loyalty system encourages users to return.

MamutPro online store on the PrestaShop platform can be seen in all its glory HERE

Our work in three words

Functionality, effectiveness,